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I thought I would say hello and fill you in on who we are at Travel Charm.

Travel Charm was created so that I could help people experience the magic of travel and the personal rewards it can bring.

I'm Cindy. I love to travel. In fact, I attribute travel to changing my life. I also love small business and working for myself. I love food, and I love sharing what I learn on this life journey. I want people to experience the joy that travel has brought me and to make the most of this life.

I also have a beautiful partner by my side who makes life so much more fun and enjoyable. Together we strive to create a meaningful, simplified and comfortable life for ourselves and share what we learn along the way with our clients (he is a Web Developer & Content Marketer).


Travel makes me feel FREE. It is so liberating to travel, to experience a new culture, meet new people and taste different foods. And to see the wonder that exists in the world. All too often we can be consumed by all the negativity we see in the media without realising all the beauty, and good there is in this world.

Thanks for being here. Make sure you meet the rest of the team below. We are so happy to help make your travel dreams happen.

How can you make travel a priority in your life?


Corporate Portrait Cindy Reid


Because there is so much that I love about travel I teamed up with a couple of people to be able to offer the trips that I thought people would love and that I myself am passionate about.


Together with Kathy we host Painting Trips to Europe. Kathy Karas is a visual artist and teacher living and painting in New South Wales, Australia. Kathy works in a wide selection of media including oils, acrylic, watercolour and pencil drawings. Her style has evolved over the years to modern impressionist and most recently she has developed into contemporary work. Kathy enjoys life as a full-time artist. More about Kathy here. Kathy is a lovely lady with a big heart and amazing talent. She makes our Painting Trips amazing, the perfect combination of art tutorial and travelling.


Kathy Karas Profile


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