I'm Cindy. I love to travel. In fact, I attribute travel to changing my life.

In the not too distant past, I was totally and utterly miserable living a life that was unfulfilled and driven by fear, insecurities, anxiety, worry and low, low self-esteem.

I was even too nervous to take my kids anywhere by myself.

New things made me nervous, and I allowed anxiety to dictate my life.

And then in 2010 that all changed. 

I had had enough of missing out. I started taking baby steps and trying new things.

I planned my family an amazing trip for 2 1/2 months to the USA and Europe and effectively planned myself into a situation I couldn't get out of.

I survived!

Even better, that trip built my confidence and self-esteem beyond belief (it only took three years to plan!!)

One year on from that trip and my life changed completely. The only things in my life that remained constant were my kids, my mum and my dog.

I was divorced, I didn’t live in the same house anymore, didn't work at the same job and my friends (apart from a couple) had fallen away.

But most importantly, how I viewed myself, and the world, had completely changed.

It was a tough time, but it was also the most liberating and freeing time of my life.

Travel is everything! I travelled as a child (my parents are Dutch), I love the USA, and Europe is in my veins.

Fast forward a few years (give or take), my kids are independent and life is an open book.

My partner, Dan and I have just moved to the stunning Blue Mountains in Australia and absolutely love it. 

Every day is like a holiday and I plan on sharing all that I discover here with you.


Because of my anxiety, I became a planner and organiser. Funny the skills you can learn from adversity!

I absolutely love planning trips. And I have become an ardent fan of Slow Travel.

I want to share the resources I have created, and those I have found, so you can plan your next amazing trip.

Maybe they will give you the courage to organise your first trip. And don’t worry if you’re nervous about it. I get it.

Anxiety and fear can rule if we let it, but there are ways around that. And I am happy to help you find them. 


Travel makes me feel FREE. It gives me confidence.

It is so liberating to travel, to experience a new culture, meet new people and taste different foods. And to see the wonder that exists in the world.

All too often we can be consumed by all the negativity we see in the media without realising all the beauty, and good there is in this world.

Cindy x

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