Maybe nothing, but going it alone may not be your idea of fun.

Don’t you think travel is so much nicer when you have someone to share it with, to take photos with, to gasp in awe at an amazing sunset with? But having said that you would still like your own time, indulge in your own interests and have the flexibility that a holiday should bring.

We think so too! Our Trips have been specifically designed with you in mind. We have not designed tours but trips where you get to travel with like-minded people to extraordinary destinations, share in fun and exciting activities. We include Painting Demonstrations and Workshops for those on our Painting Trips. All our trips have the flexibility that allows you to do your own thing as well (if you want to of course!)

Our Trips are always accompanied by a couple of hosts (not a tour guide) who will ensure that all runs smoothly, who will take care of the organisational part of things and help out so that you can enjoy your holiday the way you want to. So take a look and see if we are a good fit. And if the answer is YES register your place on your next dream holiday with us.


Our Travel Style

Check out how we like to travel. Do we have similar styles? Of course we don't have to like all the same things, but similar interests would be awesome and make the travel experience even better.

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Take a look at our itineraries and see where your next trip will take you.

Will it be Italy, Greece, France or somewhere else?

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Tours, Classes & Workshops

Depending on the type of trip you choose will depend on the format. Our Painting Trips include painting demonstrations, workshops & one to one tutorials.

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Fitness & Luggage

You will need moderate fitness to travel with us. We do tend to stay in places such as medieval hilltop towns full of cobblestone streets, sometimes hilly, sometimes a little steep. And we do love to include walking tours through towns and cities.

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Room Share

If you are travelling alone and wish to share a room, we will endeavour to match you with another single participant. Room sharing can be a rewarding experience.

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We like to build relationships. You will become part of our travel community before our trip, during and after. You can participate in that community group and stay in touch with other travelers.

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