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A Huge Mistake

Even though situations work out you can still realise you have made a huge mistake. This was my story when I took a group to Italy.

It’s 7 am. The birds are singing outside the door. I am writing this sitting on a sofa in the lounge area of the Villa Marsili in Cortona. The French doors are open to the courtyard and the breeze is cool with the promise of warming as the morning goes on.

I did it.

I am in the middle of living one of my dreams. I have wanted to return to Italy and in particular the Umbrian/Tuscan regions with a group of women to experience La Dolce Vita since 2010.

I did it. And I now realise I have made a huge mistake.

The Lead Up

I kind of knew leading up to this particular trip that something was off. I have worked so hard to build Travel Charm, to make our trips an experience to remember. And on this occasion I haven’t done it on my own. I am here with Kathy Karas an extremely talented artist who is here with me to guide and teach the ladies in watercolour painting to capture this stunning place.

So what’s so wrong? And how do I fix it? Well there are a number of things. A number of things I realise most businesses could benefit by doing and miss the mark when they don’t.


I didn’t build community.


In hindsight what I wanted to do was build a sense of community, but in reality I made it all about me. You may think, what mistake? You’re there, you’re doing it.

I am and I am feeling very grateful and very blessed and very proud. But I want more. More importantly I want more for my travellers.

Sometimes things look amazing from the outside but they could just be so much more on the inside.


I made it all about me.


Travel Charm has been my return to me. Everything I offer in Travel Charm is what I needed six years ago. It’s what I would have wanted in a trip. It’s the type of trip that would have suited my circumstances and my personal state. And that’s where the error occurred.

The existing Travel Charm was all about me. What I could do for you. The wonderful places I could take you. The great itineraries I could plan. What a load of crap. No wonder it hasn't been sitting well with me for quite some time. Of course it should be ALL about you. I wrote that in my website content. I preached it. I believed it. But guess what? I got it wrong.


Let’s Start Again


So welcome to Travel Charm Take 2 - which really is all about you. This is what I want to do.

Build a community of like-minded people who love not only travel, but expanding their personal horizons as well. I have come into contact with some amazing, creative, strong and determined women who are making their dreams come true through their businesses in travel or are using travel as part of their business. I want them to share their knowledge and expertise. I want them to tell you all about what they do and offer.

What do you want?

And I want you to share your experiences. Share your tips and hints, share your favourite places, let us know if you want someone to travel with or someone to fill a group you are putting together. Tell us about your travel style and I will share mine and together Travel Charm will be a place to connect with those like-minded people, who share the passion of travel and everything it holds.

In truth everything I wanted for my travellers was about community but I made it all about what I wanted.

I wanted a place that they could interact with like-minded people, a place they could connect and be understood and share their stories, and find people to travel with. People that share the same travel style.

Because for me travel always brings change. Whether it’s as simple as ticking a destination off your bucket list or more often it brings about a significant change within you. I find it impossible to explore and experience a new place without it affecting me in some way.

Still about me, a little bit

I want more of that. I want my travellers to feel a part of something and to continue that feeling after their trips. I want other travel professionals to be able to contribute to the community and share their passion for what they do and the places they specialise in. I want people dreaming of travel to access information not only about trips but other people’s stories. Sometimes we look at others and think they are so “lucky”. But the truth is that most people have a dream and steadily work towards it. It’s you that makes it happen. I want people to be inspired by each other.

So where to from here? We have started our community. This lovely group of ladies are experiencing something amazing – together. They will forever have the bond of this trip.

I want that to continue. So I will build the foundations of this community with them.

Travel is my passion but I think I am more addicted to the exquisite feeling of empowerment and change that it brings. I continue to surprise myself and I never want that to stop. I want to continue to inspire, work with and nurture others not only in their dreams to travel, but on the journey to be more.

So where to from here? Travel Charm Take 2 is on it’s way and currently under construction. I cannot wait to share it with you.

To find out how you can become a part of our Travel Community simply click this link to find out more.

Or we would love you to be a part of one of Travel Charm’s magical trips, so take a look and let us know what you think.


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