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If travel is something you long to do, but you have no one to go with, and tours are not your thing, then it can be extremely frustrating.

Friends may not have the time or money; your spouse may not have the desire you do to explore the world, or you find yourself dreaming of destinations that others don’t.

So, what’s the solution?

Solo Travel.

You might already be thinking about solo travel but have dismissed it because it seems a bit too hard. Or too scary. Or too overwhelming.

For those of you who think solo travel is crazy and before you throw your hands in the air saying you don’t want to go alone, you would hate it, it’s not safe, or your family would worry about you. Stop.

If your passion is to travel, then what is really stopping you? You need to ask yourself if the reasons I wrote above are just excuses. Have you really explored all your options?

I understand. I was once standing in your shoes.

I wanted to travel so badly, and I didn’t see a way to do it. And I have a travel business. My small group tours were not filling fast enough; my partner has a business he cannot leave; friends were doing their own thing or travelling to places that were of no interest to me.

I thought people who travelled on their own were crazy. And very brave. I couldn’t see myself doing it, or liking it, at all.

But slowly, the thought dawned on me. It started years ago when reading about the Camino. And slowly, the idea took hold.

I started reading articles and books and websites on solo travel. I became a member of Facebook Groups and regularly read posts from solo travellers.

And bit by bit I thought that I could maybe travel by myself. Maybe.

Then I decided I couldn’t wait to travel any longer. So, I did what I always do when something is too overwhelming for me to think about and sends my anxiety reeling. I backed myself into a corner and said I was going.

Once spoken, it’s hard to take back.

And for you to understand the enormity of that decision you should read Why I Solo Travelled and How it Changed Me.

I have a lot of travel experience. But I was petrified.

What if something happened?

How would I find my way around?

Would I enjoy being on my own for three weeks?

What if?

What if?

What if?

I had to stop playing the “What If” game. After deciding to go for it, in true form, I set out to create a plan for myself — not only an itinerary but an idea on how I would manage travelling solo.

Planning is the way I get around my anxiety. And if you think a plan is too restrictive for you, don’t worry. I usually create the plan to build my confidence, and when I am comfortable in my destination, I ditch it and go with the flow.

It was during my solo trip to Italy that I became aware of a community following along with me. My community from Facebook. It was incredible.

And since then people have written to me and commented on how they wish they could travel solo too.

Fear can be crippling, but what if I had a way to help you? Would you be interested?

Because let me tell you, once you travel solo the confidence and freedom you experience is beyond words.

To know that whenever you want, you can jump on a plane and experience the joys of travel without ever having to depend on someone else again is incredible.

And so, the Solo Travel Program was born.

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The Solo Travel Program

The problem with embarking on solo travel is fear. Fear of the unknown.

Even if you have travelled before it can be scary, it’s not only the travel components which could test us but the idea of being totally on our own.

That’s hard for a lot of people.

The thing is you won’t know until you try.

The Solo Travel Program allows you to solo travel with support. Close by. To be supported before and during your trip.

I will explain in more detail below, but in short, this is how the program works: –

You will travel at the same time as me. You will start with me, and then you will embark on your short solo journey.

At the beginning of our trip, you will build your confidence and gain familiarity with the destination before heading off on your own.

Or you can do the whole trip on your own; it’s up to you.

The whole time you are on your own, I will be close by so if you feel anxious, all you need to do is reach out and chat.

I will also organise a dinner/meetup you can join if you feel the need to connect personally.

Before your trip, I will help you with all aspects of planning your itinerary and booking your accommodation and transport. I will take you through the process step by step.

How many opportunities do you get to try something like this with support?

How Does the Solo Travel Program Work?

Ok. Let’s go into more detail.

Here is a step by step guide on how the Solo Travel Program works.

  • You need to become a member of Cindy’s Travel Club – you can read all the details here. Subscribe to the list and join the Facebook Group.
  • Look at the trips I personally have planned in the Travel Club (you will find them in the Files section). Other members may be organising their own group travel; however, for the Solo Travel Program, you will need to travel with me. If there are no current trips, message me, and I can add you to the waiting list.
  • If one of my trips looks interesting to you, message me personally so we can chat about your expectations.
  • I will onboard you to the Solo Travel Program.

Before the trip, I will teach you how to –

  • Plan your itinerary
  • Determine the best accommodation to suit your travel style
  • Book your accommodation
  • Manage your time and loneliness when travelling
  • Pack light and stay safe
  • Find activities and tours to join
  • Manage your fears
  • Before booking your trip, you will determine if you want to embark on a full solo trip or travel with me initially before heading off on your own.
  • While you are travelling solo, I will be close by – nearby destination, town, village etc.
  • You will be connected with me via Messenger or WhatsApp.

What is included in the Solo Travel Program?

  • Ongoing support from me throughout the entire program and your trip
  • 3 x Online planning session with other members of the Solo Travel Program
  • 1 x One to one planning and booking sessions – Accommodation, flights, tours, transport etc
  • Access or attendance to live or online packing workshops
    • Planning a Capsule Travel Wardrobe
    • Toiletries
    • Activities
    • Travel Tips to stay healthy
    • Luggage and packing light
    • Weather
  • 1 x One to one online follow-up support meeting to discuss anything from fears to planning just before departure
  • Guidance and support before the solo segment of the trip via email or Messenger in addition to online sessions
  • Support while travelling solo via Messenger or WhatsApp
  • Tutorials on
    • Managing your Time
    • Dealing with Loneliness
    • Safety
    • Eating Out Alone
    • Understanding your Travel Personality and planning accordingly
    • How to find accommodation to suit you
    • Using your phone when travelling and accessing Wi-Fi
    • Managing your Travel Documents
    • Travel Insurance
  • Specific country/cultural information
  • Open forum for all members to connect and discuss relevant issues
  • Destination Meetup

How much does the Solo Travel Program Cost?

The fee for the entire program is only $500.

And you will only ever have to pay it once. Because once you master solo travel, you will never look back.

From the time you join the program till after your trip, you will have my support and guidance as well as access to all the online tutorials and attendance of live workshops (if you can attend).

I will support every part of your trip from planning to booking and everything in between.

The fee, of course, does not include your travel expenses.

However, you will quickly find out that when you travel solo things can be a whole lot cheaper when you are doing what you want to do and not being dragged around on a restrictive tour.

Who is the Solo Travel Program for?

This program is for the traveller who wants to learn how to solo travel independently and not join organised tours. To plan and book their trips and jet off whenever they want to.

The program is for travellers who want to overcome their fear of the unknown to be able to embark on solo travels with confidence.

The Solo Travel Program is for the traveller who wants to learn how to plan and book travel that suits their personality.

I am in Australia, but you don’t need to Australian to be a part of the Solo Travel Program. I can help you plan your trip and provide you with support and guidance regardless. Just click the box above and let’s chat.

Imagine the freedom of planning a trip to a destination you have dreamed about for years and finally having the courage to plan it and go? Not having to wait for anyone else or having to compromise.

As a traveller, I can’t imagine anything better than that.

Cindy x

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