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Why Travel Charm?

​Hi there,

I’m Cindy, an Australian Travel Planner, living in the beautiful Blue Mountains, 90 minutes west of Sydney.

I am a passionate traveller who is also a bit of homebody. It was important for me to create a life that I loved as much as travelling. That way, I didn’t feel the need to escape from home or not want to come home from my travels.

I attribute travel to changing my life.

In the not too distant past, I was miserable, living an unfulfilled life, driven by fear, insecurities, anxiety and low, low self-esteem.

But I had a dream to travel. After a couple of trips planned by other people (and leaving a lot to be desired), I was determined to do it myself.

It turns out I was good at planning!

I understand being overwhelmed by planning travel. Letting my fears take over, scared that I would get it wrong. But in the end, designing my own trips built my confidence, in travel and life.

I love creating bespoke itineraries for myself, groups and clients and have met many amazing people on my adventures.

My most recent adventure found me walking 800 km across Northern Spain on the Camino!

So now, my focus is simple: create travel itineraries that are designed for me and me only, to maximise my interests, time and energy levels.

By taking a look at what Travel Charm has to offer, you are empowering yourself with the skills to plan your own travel. On this website, you will find easy ways to plan your travel with templates, checklist, guides and destination information.

By taking charge of your travel plans and learning to love the process, you will find your travels more meaningful and filled with purpose.

Why leave your dreams in someone else's hands?

Travelling solo is one of the most rewarding things you can do. But it can be daunting as well. Here is what I learnt from my first solo trip. #solotravel #solofemaltraveller #travellingsolo #solotraveler

Learn to plan your travels and take charge of your dreams

Why Plan Your Own Trips? Why not get a Travel Agent to do it?

You can if you want to. I understand that travel planning can be overwhelming and downright scary if you haven’t done it before.

But who knows you better than yourself? Joining a tour or getting an itinerary that has been planned by someone else may not suit you. At the least you might hate it, at worst you have wasted a lot of money.

Your time and money are precious. If you learn how to plan your travel, you will maximise both.

You might be able to plan it for a lot less money too, which means saving money for another trip, a bigger spending budget for this trip, OR you might be able to travel longer.

Planning travel yourself means lots and lots of options. Many you may not have even thought about.

What Experience do you have?

I have been a Travel Planner for eight years. I have planned trips for myself, clients and groups in that time.

I have also led local food, wine and art tours and taken a painting group to Italy.

But what I love most is teaching people how to plan travel themselves. The most satisfying thing to me is seeing someone who has never really travelled before, find their confidence. In the end, they are giving me suggestions on what to see and do in my favourite destinations!

Life is too short to put our dreams on hold. If you have dreamed of travelling forever, have been too scared or think you can’t afford it, I want to help.

Here are some tools that I use that allow me to reduce my anxiety and follow my passion for travelling. Anxiety never goes away but it can get easier. #anxiety #socialanxiety #travel #travelanxiety #travelplanning

What are the Travel Club & Meetups?

My Travel Club is something I started last year and am slowly growing. I no longer wanted to lead group tours.

I just want to plan amazing trips for myself, and if members of the Travel Club wish to join me, they can. Simple.

If they want me to organise their itinerary and travel arrangements, there will be a fee.

I also offer a Solo Travel Program for those who have been too nervous about taking the plunge. I know solo travel sounds ridiculous to some people, I mean, who wants to travel alone?

But trust me when I say if you can master solo travel, you will never know freedom like it! But that’s ok if you don’t believe me, we can talk about it more if you want.

This year I will be hosting meetups in different areas between the Blue Mountains, Sydney and the South Coast.

You don’t need to be a member of the Travel Club or the Travel Charm Community. Everyone is welcome.

Topics will include Packing Light, everything about the Camino, travelling to Europe, Budget Travel as well as being completely social and a great way to get together with fellow travellers.

Depending on where the Meetup is held, there may be a small cost. All details will be posted on the Travel Charm Facebook Page or emailed to those who have signed up to the Travel Charm Community.

Want to Know More?

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Thanks for being here,

Cindy x



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