About Travel Charm

​Hi there,

I’m Cindy, an Australian Travel Planner, living in the beautiful Blue Mountains, 90 minutes west of Sydney.

Or at least I was.

Just before Covid 19 came along and tipped our world upside down, I decided to change my life's direction. You can read about it in-depth over at Life Outside the Box if you are interested.

For 18 months this website has sat idle until recently when I had the chance to let it go.

I realised I couldn't.

Nine years of my life has gone into Travel Charm and I am proud of the content and resources I have created.

So, now, I have decided to offer up all the resources for free, without having to sign up to an email list.

The resources are yours to enjoy.

Travel was my passion, and no doubt will be again sometime in the future.

Travel was the catalyst for so much change in my life. Through travel, I grew as a person, dealing with lifelong anxieties and insecurities, it showed me my strength and resilience as well as the world.

I hope you have the chance to experience life-changing opportunities through travel and that you find some, or all, of these resources helpful.

If you're interested, you can read about my journey, and travels in the many blog posts on this website.

Thanks for being here and taking the time.

Much love


Cindy x

Travelling solo is one of the most rewarding things you can do. But it can be daunting as well. Here is what I learnt from my first solo trip. #solotravel #solofemaltraveller #travellingsolo #solotraveler

Learn to plan your travels and take charge of your dreams

Why Plan Your Own Trips? Why not get a Travel Agent to do it?

You can if you want to. However, I understand that travel planning can be overwhelming and downright scary if you haven’t done it before.

But who knows you better than yourself? Joining a tour or getting an itinerary that has been planned by someone else may not suit you. At the least, you might hate it; at worst, you have wasted a lot of money.

Your time and money are precious. If you learn how to plan your travel, you will maximise both.

You might be able to plan it for a lot less money too, which means saving money for another trip, a bigger spending budget for this trip, OR you might be able to travel longer.

Planning travel yourself means lots and lots of options. So many you may not have even thought about.