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Changing our Style

Travel Charm has a new look and while researching the font to use in our logo we found a fascinating story.

I love stories.  I love listening to people’s stories.  They inspire me.

We all have our own story. I have one.  And I use it.  I use it in the images I post on Facebook, the blog posts that I write, the style of my branding for Travel Charm, the philosophy and the meaning behind Travel Charm. I have even created a book around my story – but more on that to come later.

Which leads me to this amazing story.

I have just changed the look of Travel Charm.  I loved the old look, logo and colour but it didn’t reflect how I felt Travel Charm should look or the service we provided.  The brief I gave myself was vintage/retro meets modern.  I love the vintage look, old world travel and the feel of history when travelling.  I also wanted it to reflect the service we provide. Good old fashioned service – time with people, to chat, get to know them, to provide them with a feeling that they are important – because they are.

So with this brief in mind I wanted to keep the new logo simple and make the font the hero – an old world, charming font.  So my very lovely tech head of a partner started Googling as he does and this is what he found…

“One day in mid-2011, Carolyn wondered who had written the letters and what the letters actually said. She had the five letters translated and was shocked to learn they had been written while the author, a Frenchman named Marcel Heuzé, was a conscripted worker in Berlin. The letters, stained and scarred with censor marks, include rare first-person testimony of survival inside a labor camp. One of the letters, written to his wife and three young daughters back home in rural France, began, “Now I can give you details about my life as a prisoner.” He described the clothes he had been given to wear, how hungry he was, a schedule of his daily work life, and how he and his fellow prisoners sought shelter while the factory was bombed. 

The letters, stained and scarred with censor marks, include rare first-person testimony of survival inside a labor camp


All of Marcel’s letters contain extraordinary expressions of love for his wife and family. In one letter, he wrote passages directly to each of his young daughters. And in another letter he inquired how his wife was getting by before adding, “kiss my little rascals for me.” Marcel ended his letters with passages such as: “And for you, my beloved one, I always save my most tender kisses,” or “Your guy who hopes to hold you in his arms soon.”   

Extract from

So here is Travel Charm’s new Logo




“Travel” uses P22 Marcel font created by Carolyn Porter and named in honour of Marcel Heuzé.

I am looking forward to using this font through our branding and I especially love that it has such an amazing story.

I am keeping my eye out for the book that is currently being developed telling the story of the design of this font by Carolyn Porter as well as her amazing search to learn the fate of Marcel Heuzé. Carolyn was granted exclusive rights by Marcel’s family to share his story and the contents of his extraordinary letters.

I will keep you posted…

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