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No More Worry
No More Anxiety & Fear

An Easy To Use, Customisable Itinerary

  • No more stressing about getting it right

  • No more confusion

  • No more overwhelm

  • No more research
  • No more wasted time

What You Get In Your Itinerary

You get everything you need to create a personalised itinerary for Cortona. Skip the research and overwhelm, go straight to a well planned itinerary and customise it to suit you.

Hotels For All Budgets

Personally recommended hotels located In popular areas including map and website links to make booking easy. 

Popular & Interesting Sites

Where do want to go and see? We've got you covered, listing popular sites and all our favourites places, grouped together in neighbourhoods to make sightseeing!

Insider Tips & Recommendations

We have included tips from locals and travel industry experts about train travel, maximising your budget, shopping ideas and helpful information.

Public Holidays & Festivals

Festivals are fun but closures due to public holidays are not. We have included all the important dates so you can check before you book.

Tours You Will Love

How to do you choose from all the tours available? Here are our recommended tours that we love and we think will compliment your trip AND that will suit every budget.

Destination Planner

A planner to customise this itinerary to suit your tastes and track your budget, with templates to keep your travel information in one place.

Day Trip Ideas

Why not see as much as you can? We have included day trips that you will love, with suggestions on what to see and do. 

Planned Daily Schedule

Putting everything together and getting it right can be overwhelming! This itinerary includes a handy, easy to follow daily schedule. Use it as it is or customise it to your liking.

Restaurant Recommendations

Restaurants and cafes that we love. No need to worry about where to eat when you first arrive.

Helpful Planning Tools

Useful tools to help you book, plan more if you want to and make travelling easier. Filled with tools we love to use when planning and travelling.

Handy Packing Lists

Packing can get so confusing! We have included a list of basics for women and men with seasonal inclusions so you are covered, no matter the time of year you travel.

I’m loving it. It’s clear, concise and easy to read and follow.

  • travelcharm_louise

    Louise McDade

Your itinerary looks good and very precise.

  • glenda de vries

    Glenda De Vries


Save hours and hours of wasted time researching, trying to put an itinerary together, pulling your hair out in frustration by getting your Cortona Itinerary now!

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Hello! I'm Cindy, a Travel Planner who has been planning travel for more than SEVEN YEARS!

The first trip I planned took three years! That's insane. I was nervous. What if I get it wrong? What if I miss out on something I should see? Everything worked out perfectly. We visited nine countries and stayed in fourteen different locations. I have been planning travel ever since for myself, my clients and my groups. Now I want to help you.