Travels through Europe

European blood flows in my veins. Actually, it's Dutch, but let's not get picky. I have always felt pulled to Europe and the love affair hasn't worn off yet. Since I celebrated my 5th birthday in Holland, a return visit when I was 10 and a surprise trip to Austria, I have been hooked. 


  • The Netherlands is a part of me, my family, their history including sweet childhood memories my mother often shared. But for me memories of my time in the Netherlands are bittersweet. My experiences in Amsterdam were interesting.


  • I can't remember what triggered my interest in Slovenia. Maybe it was while I trawled through travel forum after travel forum learning how to put a trip together and finding out where I wanted to go. Either way, wow! What an amazing country.



  • As much as I don't really believe in Bucket Lists, I have a bucket list. There are a few places there. I very much want to visit Iceland in winter! Sounds crazy. Add to that the Faroe Islands and a Scotland Road Trip you may be forgiven for thinking I am addicted to the cold, and wet. Not sure why I'm drawn to these places, but I am determined to there.


  • The Rhine is one of the only places I would consider taking a cruise. They don't appeal to me, but I think sitting and watching the views of castles and villages would be lovely from one of those boats. Or I could just spend some more quality time in Bacharach. Such a delightful town. It provided the solace I badly needed.  


  • Why wouldn't be on your radar after watching the Outlander Series? Actually, I have been a fan of the books for years before, but Scotland has always intrigued me. How does a Scotland Road Trip sound?

Faroe Islands

  • And here is another one on the Bucket List. One day I was reading about the Faroe Islands and the next I had a whole itinerary planned out! Is 2018 the year I get to travel there?
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