My Experiences in Italy

I am in love with Italy. I think if I could not travel anywhere else, but there I would be happy enough (notice I said enough because who likes to be restricted!) Even though I have yet to scratch the surface, I am constantly torn between going somewhere new or revisiting places already ingrained in my heart. Oh, the dilemma...

San Miniato

  • Clearly there's a theme happening here. Because San Miniato was all about food too. And what better way to indulge in food than the Annual Truffle Festival! The best food experience I have had by far.


  • Food, Food, Food. What a surprise package Bologna was. I knew there would be good food, but I did not expect to like Bologna, a historic university city as much as I did. 


  • Worthy of more than a day or two, Verona that is easy to explore and a great place to unwind. Visit Verona during the off-season and it is, even more, appealing because of fewer tourists.


  • Florence will always be special. It was where I started my first solo trip. Florence exceeded all my expectations and I loved every part of my five-day stay, except when I fell over that is, hurling myself into the street flat on my face! Beware slippery cobblestones.


  • I was so relieved to be Seeing the "real" Venice. I was worried that my first impressions of Venice had been wrong, but they weren't. I found the magic once again.


  • Remembering my time in Rome is the same as remembering special times spent with my kids. It was a personally challenging time for me, but we managed time together, creating memories I will never forget. Rome conjures memories of a beautiful 14-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son who still wanted and needed his mum.


  • Tuscany did not disappoint. I don't usually head towards the tourist areas but after having been in love with the movie, and the book, Under the Tuscan Sun, I just had to visit a Tuscan Town called Cortona. 
  • Six days in Cortona, hosting a Painting in Italy group was a dream come true.  If one day in Cortona is all you have then do it.



  • Exhausted from long days of travelling, Orvieto became a haven. The plan to do day trips was thrown out the window so I could catch my breath. Instead, I spent days browsing local shops, shopping for food and cooking simple but delicious meals and enjoying the sites.