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Please be aware that once you receive your itinerary, any changes you make, bookings or cancellations that you organise are not the responsibility of Travel Charm.

We cannot be held accountable for any financial loss you may incur.

We highly recommend you have Travel Insurance.

All information we provide in our itineraries is current and up to date to the best of our knowledge at that time, however, we recommend you check all details of the itinerary prior to booking and travelling.

Travel Charm cannot be held accountable for any detail within the itinerary and all travel plans are the sole responsibility of the traveller.

Travel Charm’s itineraries are to be used as a guide for organising your travel.



Travel Charm organises independent, unique and individual trips for my clients and for that reason we do not offer a booking service.

It is an important part of travel and it is extremely important that a service, accommodation or tour provider be able to liaise with you directly while you are travelling, at any given time.

Travel Charm's Travel Planning Service is aimed at providing you with the most cost-effective and personal itinerary possible and provide you with the details for a one-off and independent trip.