Exploring my Backyard

Explore your own backyard when in need of some much needed time out

This week I was in need of down time.  Much needed down time.  Work has been so busy and pulling in so many directions that “my” time has been non-existent.  And I know the feelings of overwhelm all too well and decided to heed the warning signs.  So with a book and a picnic packed I headed to the Botanic Gardens for a few hours.

I had forgotten about this beautiful place.  Earlier in the week I had met the lovely Kathy Karas, the artist who I work with on our Painting in the Vineyard Tours, to do some videoing and she suggested we meet at the Botanic Gardens – certainly a great choice.

And it struck me that I had forgotten what a lovely place it was.  It is literally minutes from my home.  So I made it my mission to return within the week and really enjoy some peace and quiet.

Each week I have decided to either –

  • Return to a place I haven’t been to for a long time OR
  • Discover somewhere new in my local area that I haven’t been before.

I want to become a tourist in my own backyard, to open up my view even more.  As much as I love the thought of going back to a wonderful overseas destination, it’s sad to think that I have been to New York more times that I have visited places close to home.

And my hope is that by sharing each week the place I have loved the most in my local area is that you will share somewhere in yours with a photo, comment or video on our Facebook Page so not only am I getting to know my own area better but I am also getting to know yours – and so is everyone else.

And who knows one day we may meet in one of those places.

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