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Great Expectations

What we expect is rarely what we get.


We all have them.  For everything we do and every experience we have  expectations.   Or maybe you have mastered the skill of letting them go.  I try, but inevitably fail, again and again.  And it can be disappointing.

We recently took off for a weekend.  A very rare treat for us which is funny considering I am in travel!  We didn’t have a break over Christmas and New Year and we were in desperate need for a little R&R.  Unfortunately we didn’t plan it so well.  We originally had two separate nights in two very different places planned over January.  My partner had won one of the nights in a competition – woohoo!  The other night had long been planned and booked through a particular hotel group he is a member of. Unfortunately we had a bit of a family crisis and had to cancel our first night away so we thought we would put the two nights together and have a little road trip in between.

So my expectations?  For the first night were huge.  We were heading to the Blue Mountains.  I absolutely love the Blue Mountains.  We were going to explore some little villages, eat, shop, relax.  Yes you could say my expectations were high.



Well were my expectations met – sadly no.  I prefer my hotel rooms to not have a funky smell coming from the drain in the bathroom and then permeate through the room (and no it was not a smell created by us!!)  and for the walls not to be paper thin.  I kind of like to have some peace and quiet and not be able to hear my neighbours conversations clearly or hear them using the bathroom.  Maybe I was being picky.  I don’t know what do you think?  And no we couldn’t move rooms because they were full!

And then I got sick! So the theory that it doesn’t matter too much about the room because you will be out and about and only there to sleep sort of flew out the window as we had to spend the afternoon and whole evening in it (thankfully I was better by morning).

So my expectations went out the window!


 Relish the freedom that comes from being in the moment

Our road trip the next day was good.  We headed for the Southern Highlands and the beautifully restored Fitzroy Inn.


Pleasant Surprises

For this place I had no expectations.  This was such a surprise that we hadn’t expected we were just happy to have a night away.  Well this place blew us away. Totally.  I mean it was so much more than we could have hoped for.  The experience was wonderful and we will certainly return.  From the service, to the food, to the friendly and personable owner who lives onsite, to the tour of the inn. Fantastic!

The Fitzroy Inn is certainly somewhere we would recommend to everyone.  I loved it so much I am pretty confident Travel Charm will be hosting some weekend escapes here so keep your eyes peeled for those.  And my partner and I will definitely be returning (when we finally have some more free time!)

So back to expectations – I expected a lot from the first place in the Blue Mountains.  We were so disappointed to the point that the membership with that hotel group will not be renewed.  The lack of service, the room, the funky smell, the paper thin walls.  Never again.  But the second night – wow.  We had no expectations (or very little).  And again Wow!

And the lesson here?  Firstly let the Travel Concierge (me) plan our accommodation from now on and second, try not to expect too much.  Because lately when I let go of my expectations great things have happened.

And that goes for people as well.  In the last few years my relationship with someone very close to me has been fractured and pretty much non-existent.  It has been hard. But time is a wonderful thing.  Over those years all expectations have been let go.  As long as I knew they were OK I could let everything else go – expectations, judgements, opinions – everything.  All that was left was a small line of communication.  And slowly, slowly that small line has grown.  I made no judgements when others did, I had no opinion when others voiced there’s loudly and I expected nothing.  And now things are continuing to grow.  And it is wonderful and beautiful and new and light.  And I am so grateful and happy.

So my greatest lesson of late (or indeed in the last couple of years) is to let go of expectations – of things, and situations and people.

Relish the freedom that comes from being in the moment, of having no expectations and enjoying each new experience as it appears and feeling the lightness of heart that it brings.

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