Is it Really Possible to turn Dreams into Reality?

It sounds too good to be true. But is it really possible to turn your dreams into a reality?

I mean, can you turn your dream of winning lotto into a reality? Maybe, but probably not.

As airy-fairy as the notion of turning your dream into reality can seem, it is possible. I know I have, but dreams don’t always look like you imagined they would. Often the path that leads you there is full of lessons and requires a lot of patience.

Nothing is as easy as it sounds, and neither is this

But you can do it. There are millions of people who are living proof. You need to have realistic expectations. But I will get to that a little later in this article.

There are many things we dream of – a wonderful partner, a happy family, a house in Tuscany (no? just me?) Maybe you want to travel full time or build the home of your dreams.

Dreams are as individual as the people dreaming them.

This article is not about what I call “fluff” dreams. You know the ones: “When I make some money I will go travelling”. “If I had a stack of money, I would buy the 5 bedroom home with pool and 4 car garage”.

Get Personal

Sharing this information is personal, however, I thought it might be interesting and important to know that I practice what I preach.  

This is my story and how things happened to me. For you, it could be different. The point of the story is about how doing something positive and opening your mind can bring forth amazing things. That experience will be different for each of us.

So the story goes like this.

I wanted “the” relationship. I was finally in a place I believed I deserved it. Trust me that had not always been the case. I have had to fight long and hard with my self-esteem to feel I am worthy of a good relationship finally.

One night I decided to put pen to paper and wrote down exactly what I wanted in a relationship. From how my partner would treat me to how I would treat him, the values he would have, the relationships he would have with those closest to him, the life we would live together.

Whenever I thought of it, I would take that letter out and read it. I had songs on my playlist that evoked the same feeling that letter did. I listened to them often but mostly when I was walking.

They sparked such happiness in me because I could literally “feel” what it would be like to meet that person. 

Be Happy with what you have

Then I got busy living my life and being happy, doing things that fulfilled me and gave me joy.

I worked hard, experienced new things, and I travelled. I became content on my own.

It wasn’t a quick thing. Twelve months and a short relationship later (which was the biggest lesson of all) I met “the one”.

Just before this, I remember sitting at home one night and thinking how happy I was. I mean, really happy.

My life fulfilled me. I had good friends and family and a life filled with things I loved doing. But most importantly, I was just happy being me. I felt content and satisfied with life.

I remember thinking “If this is as good as it gets then I’m very, very lucky”.

Two weeks later, I met him. The following quote is one of my favourites. And it is so true.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand” – Bob Proctor.

I also live in the house I dreamt about, in a place I love, travel to amazing destinations and walked the Camino, something that took four years to happen. 


Have a little faith

So how can you make your dream happen?

Simply by writing a letter?

There are many tasks you can do, the letter is just one thing that worked for me.

It all comes down to is belief. A steadfast belief that this is what will be. the reason for writing it down or creating another type of visual aid is to give you something to focus on.

When you think about the object of your dream, you need to feel it as if it is happening. As if you are in that moment.

Ask. Did you know you can simply ask? Yep, sounds too easy right. But be specific.

Be careful what you ask for. If you let negative thoughts enter your dialogue, then you will get what you ask for.

Ask for it, think about it, believe it, write it down, feel it. If this is something you truly want (and I mean genuinely want not just an “I want to win the lotto”), then you can make it happen.

NEVER think about how.

You don’t need to know how this will all work out. Just believe that this will happen. Your mind will open. Your thoughts will change from “maybe it will happen” to “when it does”.

Never stop believing.

Visualise your Dreams

Here are some simple things that you can do to move toward your dream:

  • Create a vision board – put it where you see it every day
  • Read about what it is you want – a relationship, a destination, a dream house, interior design books – whatever you can read about that subject
  • Create a folder – print out relevant information, cut out pictures
  • Write a letter – a heartfelt letter outlining what you want in detail
  • Tell people about your dreams – talking about your dreams gives it power and intention
  • Create a bucket list
  • Keep a journal or notebook
  • Dream without restriction. Let it become your happy place as you fall asleep to imagine what it is you want

I remember telling a friend I wanted to travel to Europe for months and all the places I wanted to go.

Her face said it all. She thought I was crazy and her stock standard reply to any dream was “How are you going to do that?”

How I detest that question!! I have been asked that question all my life. By my mother. By certain friends. And yet I manage to defy the odds and live those dreams.

I love to dream; I love to talk about what I want to do (basically, I love to talk!). I like to allow myself quiet time, usually at night and just dream. No reality and no restrictions.

The point is I didn’t stop talking about that dream.

I did go on that trip to Europe three years later. It was life-changing.


Feelings and Emotions

Feel what it would be like to be living that dream.

Really feel it.

Take away any barriers and just pretend, even for a moment, what it would be like to experience it. Let yourself believe and immerse yourself in the sensation of just being there.

What better way to spend some free time just pondering that dream?

And stop the negativity.

Just as positive emotions will push you towards your dreams, negative ones will pull you away. There is simply no point in practising how a dream will feel when it comes true than to follow it up with “Well that’s never going to happen”.

Because guess what? We get exactly what we ask for. And that’s what you will get – nothing!

Don’t make the mistake of “preparing” yourself for the worst, because you will be more than prepared and the worst is what you will always get.


Plan for success.

We create plans for other aspects of our lives but not for our dreams. Why not? Is it because you are realistic. Well, stop it!

If you are dreaming of building your house, where would you start? Do you have land? Where would that be? How big would you like it?

Do you have a house plan in mind? What about the style, the landscaping? What outlook do you want?

Does the area you want to live in have land available? What’s the alternative? What would you like in your community? Schools, shops? City or country?

As you can see, not only with this scenario but with any scenario there are a lot of questions you can ask yourself and a lot of planning you can do.

Get a designated notebook.


You can change your mind as many times as you like.

What happens when you start actually to plan is that the dream can change, in a significant way. What you may have thought was important maybe isn’t. Anything can change. When you start to look at a dream in terms of being a reality, your whole perspective can alter.

And that’s perfectly OK. That’s how it should be.

Yes it is possible. Find out how you can turn your Dreams into Reality like so many are doing.


Great things take time. Get happy with yourself and beautiful things happen.

Be that person who you would want to spend time with. Be the best version of you.

Working on yourself is the best investment you can ever make.

Nothing else will bring you happiness. You may have heard the saying, “happiness is an inside job” so if you’re not where you want to be, or have those things you long for, get busy working on yourself.

Lessons to Learn

More often than not, we will have to learn important lessons first before heading down the path of fulfilling our dream. You might feel like you are heading in the opposite direction.

To find that beautiful relationship you are longing for, first, you need to become the person ready for that relationship. You may need to work on you first.

To travel to dream destinations may mean you need to learn something about values and priorities.

Maybe you will learn about what’s really important about visiting that destination. The focus may become more on the experience rather than the five-star hotel you thought you would choose.

Maybe the dream house becomes more modest as you learn what’s most important in a home and how you actually live instead of the number of rooms. Often we learn the real meaning of our dreams is finding our inner strength. 

Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety can and will hold you back if you let it.

It is that voice chattering in your ear, asking “Who do you think you are?”

That voice is the one telling you lies to stop you from moving forward.

Fear doesn’t want you to change. Once upon a time, fear is what kept us safe, back in the day when Mammoths roamed the earth. 

But now most of our fears are unfounded. Fear wants to keep you safe in your comfort zone. Fear is really trying to help you, but it keeps you stagnating, and not growing.

But fear doesn’t know how to live. Fear will kill every dream you ever had or will have. And if you let fear take control, forget about your dreams. Or living a fulfilled life.

Kick Fear to the curb.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t think about the big picture and all that your dream would entail making it happen.

ONLY focus on the feeling of the end result.

Break that huge dream into small baby steps—one step at a time. Every time you get overwhelmed, focus on that one baby step.

Nothing worth having is easy, but it is so worth it. You can do it.

You are worthy of your dreams. You deserve abundance. We all do!

It is not greedy or selfish or taking away from others. There is enough abundance for everyone.

You deserve your dreams.

So what’s stopping you from turning them into reality?

Cindy x


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