It’s Almost 2019

It’s boxing day and I sit in a darkened house, keeping it cool before the heat of the day reaches its full potential.

We have enjoyed, but are tired from our Christmas celebrations.

The door and curtain are open, Dan is next door watering our neighbour’s garden and I am sitting with the book I received for Christmas on my lap, Wild – a journey from lost to found.

But I am distracted. By the delicious breeze that floats through the house. And by the sounds of summer.

I watch black cockatoos play in the tree in front of our window. A rare sighting. Others screech as they fly through the gully, loud above the myriad of other bird calls and whistles.

Rosellas come to feed in their favourite tree whistling for others to join them.

It is pure heaven and I am so grateful for this life we have.


I am bubbling with excitement for 2019.

Everything seems as it should and the possibilities for things to come are endless.

I live in a special place. Not only for its beauty but for the happiness we feel living here.

Here in a converted shed that we could not love more. Perfect for the two of us, surrounded only by things we love. A home not only comfortable to live in but one that also has a loft office for each of us. A place I cannot wait to work in each day.

We live in an area that feels spiritual, rich and ancient. The mountains are not for everyone, but they are for us.

Each day here feeds my soul. To look out over our yard filled with bird life and a teaming vegetable and herb garden.

To wander into the village for a coffee and a chat.

To go for a walk along a cliff’s edge and appear over a vast canyon.

This place is special.


My relationship is …

Well, let’s just say that it is what I had always dreamed of but never thought existed.

Dan and I are a great team. We also debate and argue. And talk. And support each other. He accepts me 100% for who I am. He also drives me crazy at times.

But above everything else, we laugh. To the point where my stomach hurts and tears roll down my face.

I am blessed.

And then there is Travel Charm. The business I have toiled and worked in for seven years. It has been a labour of love and a source of tears.

And a journey of growth.

As has my personal life all those years. A roller coaster ride that has at times had me clutching the sides for dear life. A ride of tremendous change and massive reward.

Others have joined the journey, some staying, some leaving but each one leaving their mark.


Travel Charm is more than my business.

It has been my journey, my lessons and my passion.

Travel changed my life and I wanted to help others find and experience that gift. After travelling solo this year for the first time, a major bucket list item for me, it has renewed my drive to help others.

So, 2019 is the year where all I have worked for, the life I have chosen and built for myself, the lessons I have learnt, and my experiences come to fruition.


2019 is, as every new year is, a new beginning.

I have never been so excited.

Life is what you make it and we all deserve to live our best life.

I am glad and thankful for all of you who share this journey with me.

I wish you all the very best that life has to offer and hope that 2019 is when you get to live your best life.


Much love

Cindy x


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Cindy Reid

Cindy is the founder of Travel Charm and her exclusive Travel Club. She is passionate about travel and planning and loves nothing more than helping travellers plan their best trips and fulfil their travel dreams.

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