A weekend trip to Robertson Cheese Factory with Dan is always an experience to remember.

Life with Dan is never boring! What turned from a simple drive to taste some cheese and enjoy a coffee into quite an adventure. I don’t know what happens with us but we tend to lose hours. We think we are going out for a couple of hours and suddenly the day has disappeared and the sun is going down.

We had decided to drive to Robertson and check out The Robertson Cheese Factory. It was cold and looked like rain and I had forgotten my coat – very clever.

This is in fact an old Cheese Factory and in its modern state includes The Cheese Room and Ice Creamery, Café and The Cool Room. And next door is a shed where a very clever man turns old pallets into beautiful table tops. You certainly should check out the Midnight Pallet Snatchers (don’t you just love that name?)

The Cheese Room & Ice Creamery – oh dear, my waistline did not thank me for this. What a fantastic experience – tasting cheeses – blue, washed rind, brie. Heaven really and yes we bought some to take home. It was divine. And then there was the Gelato. I am not an ice cream person but Dan, well what can I say he is a bad, bad influence. After our light shared lunch (we were trying to be good) and coffee in the café he disappeared to return with a lovely little tub of delight – half Coffee and half Ginger & Fig Gelato. Oh my goodness. It was truly delicious and as Dan would say “We enjoyed ourselves disgracefully”. Hand made on the premises it really is worth your attention when you visit.

Then we headed to The Cool Room at the end of the original factory. This is a delightful shop full of new and vintage treasures, locally grown produce, gorgeous jewellery and books – a treasure trove. So whilst exploring upstairs Dan peered over the railing into another part of the old factory not accessible to the public. Well it really was like a child at Christmas discovering the stash of presents under the tree. To know Dan is to know that he loves anything whimsical, fun, different, magical or carnival themed. Below were an old coke stand/cart, old furniture, display cabinets and trolleys.

He was off! He ran downstairs and talked to owner of the shop. She directed him to the owner of the building – back down the other end of the complex at the Cheese Room. He directed her to his partner. He took off with her back up to the other end. I still really didn’t have a clue what he had seen. I was like a child running to keep up – back and forth, back and forth. I finally caught up when I saw him heading through a doorway under the stairs that was private access only. I think we were keeping people entertained – watching him run out, coming back in with someone else in tow, me running frantically behind trying to catch up.

So what had he seen? Old cheese carts – a lot of them. The original ones used in the factory. And he wanted one. What for? A coffee table. We are not talking about a small thing here – I mean it was a cheese cart – very industrial, rusty and splintery.

There and then he bought one. Hmmm not sure that he has a clue as to how to do it up. I love doing that sort of thing though so I guess I might be helping.

And then he had to decide when to pick it up. Lucky my car is a station wagon. So there we were again. Running to find a tape measure, back to the other end to find the owner who had to unlock the front doors and carry the thing out. My car seats were moved forward, folded down, stuff from the back unloaded on the sidewalk and the new “coffee table” wedged into the back without a centimetre to spare! And then Dan had to sit in the front. He is 6ft 6”. His legs were practically wrapped around his ears.

And the journey home – car seats jammed as far forward as they could go, rainy weather not helping driving conditions and back down an eight kilometre winding, hairpin bends, wet road with Dan who has a tendency towards car sickness – no it’s not my driving! Fun, Fun, Fun.

But what did come out of the day apart from a new piece of “furniture” for Dan is that this place will definitely make an appearance on one of my Food Tours. There will be cheese tasting platters and samples of Gelato and they even have lollies and fudge which we didn’t get to sample this time.

I’m thinking a Southern Highlands Food & Wine Tasting Tour. Want to come along?

And no we cannot fit any “coffee tables” on the bus!

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