We’re Moving Instead Of Travelling

You have probably heard that saying “Create a life you love” or similar variations.

Or the one from Seth Godin, “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”

It’s a great thought.

Years ago before I started my own business, I worked 9 – 5. With a passion, I hated that job. Nothing about it fulfilled me or made me feel worthwhile. I lived for Friday afternoons and dreaded the roll around of the next week.

I couldn’t wait to take holidays even when I stayed home for a couple of weeks. But now things are different.

Every day I do what I love, work my own hours (which are so much more than 9 – 5) and feel more fulfilled than I ever have.

It can be demanding and it has made me step outside my comfort zone so far that I don’t even know what my comfort zone is anymore. But it is also exciting and. It’s the best things I have ever done.

Sacrificing my Travel Plans

This year I had plans to travel to Greece and Italy.

But sadly, for various reasons, the Greece component fell over. Which was hard at the time, but makes perfect sense now.

As many of you who have been following my posts will know, we have decided to move to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains at the end of the year.

I am ready for a change. For us, it will be a tree change. I never thought I would move away from the coast again. I have done it at various times throughout my life and had always come back. But this is a little different.

Because I am creating a life that will hopefully feel like I am travelling. ALL THE TIME.

Thank goodness the Greece trip didn’t go ahead. How could I possibly host a group overseas with all that entails while I am trying to pack up a house?

I never thought I would be happy about sacrificing travel. But I can honestly say that in these circumstances I am more than happy. I feel like I am organising a permanent holiday for myself.

And I am a total freak about moving. I love it!! Yep clearing out all the old stuff, packing boxes and setting up a new home.

A new beginning! Crazy I know!

I know the novelty will wear off, eventually, but I am betting that it will take a long time. There is so much to explore, discover and experience that every weekend will be like a holiday.

Moving to a new place can be just as rewarding as travelling
Exploring nearby Leura

Changing things up

This change, and it’s a big one, is not just about me, but about us. Nearly four years ago I met “the one”. Don’t choke! It sounds so corny, but it’s true. I’m not going to go on about how beautiful our relationship is. I don’t want you to gag.

Dan comes from the Macarthur area, and I’m from Wollongong. Which is where we currently live. And it’s great, but we wanted to set up a life that we both had a hand in choosing.

We searched all over the Illawarra and nothing seemed to fit with what we wanted. We are big on gut feelings, and nothing felt right. A lot of places were ok, but not quite it. And we explored further afield, Lake Macquarie, Port Macquarie. We even contemplated Tasmania.

And then we did the old forehead slap. Of course, The Blue Mountains. We both adore the mountains.

So we started visiting. And exploring. And talking to people. And visiting some more. And every time we drive away we feel the pull become stronger.

Read More: Blue Mountains Visitors Guide

Starting Again

It’s not only a move. It’s a new beginning for us. It will entail us setting up a home together for the first time. Dan moved into my place in Wollongong, and I don’t think he has ever really settled. It has never really become “his” place, and I think that’s important.

We both work from home, so our place has to meet all our needs and allow us not only to grow as a couple but nurture our individuality as well, as well as cater to the businesses.

But it’s cold

People keep talking about the cold. I’m worried. How can people that live in Leura and Wentworth Falls say that Blackheath is so much colder!? It’s not that far! I want to know how much colder!!

I don’t mind the cold. I have lived in Goulburn and Dubbo and the Southern Highlands through winters. But it was a long time ago. I think I have blocked out the experience.

One of the local ladies told me if we can get through two winters we will be fine. Oh boy! It is going to be an adjustment. For now, whenever I think of the cold I am going to think of winter nights in front of the fire with a glass of red. That will make everything OK in my book. And cheese and crackers. Yep warm fire, cheese and crackers and red wine. How hard can winter be?

Moving to a new place can be just as rewarding as travelling
Beautiful Lookouts to enjoy

Come along for the ride

I am so excited. I am like a small child waiting for Christmas. I make no apologies for it.

Often in life, things seem like a chore, something we need to do. And it’s not often that as adults we can feel like this.

We have a lot to do. Like I do when I travel, I am creating plans.

For now though here’s what we are going to do to prepare for the big move:

How nice will it be to live a life that feels like a holiday? That is the plan.

I am excited about friends and family to come and stay with us. It will give me a chance to play tour guide.

And I want to invite you on our journey as we move to a new life at a different pace and discover new places. And maybe by joining me on our journey, you will want to discover it the Blue Mountains for yourself and come on a holiday. Make sure you look us up if you do.

Cindy x



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