My Healthy Travel Essentials

This article outlines the Healthy Travel Essentials I like to use in all my travels, whether it is a weekend away or overseas trip.

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Every traveller has their favourite toiletries and personal essentials they like to pack. Over the past few years, I have been looking for natural products that do not contain harmful chemicals.

All of the products in this article are ones I use on a daily basis and thoroughly recommend. Some of them seem expensive to buy but last a long time.

I also find that a lot of these natural products are multi-purpose and that means fewer products to buy. Most of the products come in a small version or are compact enough on their own to fit into my liquids bag that I always take in my hand luggage.

On my next trip, which will be my first solo trip, I will be taking carry on luggage only so there will be no option but to take a small number of toiletries and essentials.


I prefer to use natural products at home and when travelling. Find out what healthy products are included in my essential travel items #healthyliving #traveltoiletries #toiletries #travel


Body Wash

I use Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap. It is available in both a bar of soap and a liquid. I prefer the liquid for travelling but use both at home.

It comes in a range of sizes and scents but the one I buy for travel is only 59 ml, perfect for my liquids bag and I don’t have to bother decanting it into another bottle.

I will be buying the Sample Pack next time so I can try out all their scents and then I will reuse the bottles for travelling. My favourite scent so far is Hemp Citrus.


Multi-Purpose Uses

This soap is gentle enough to be used as a body wash, face wash, shampoo (but you will need to use their conditioner) and I have used it to wash out my clothes.

Personally, I use this as a face and body wash.

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap contains high quality organic Essential Oil and are biodegradable so it is great for campers and hikers. A little goes a long way, so it may last longer than you think.

They even say you can brush your teeth with it, but I haven’t gone that far! Although you might find that preferable to what I actually do use to brush my teeth.


Find out what healthy products are included in my essential travel items #healthyliving #traveltoiletries #toiletries #travel



Moisturiser & Cleanser

I use Jojoba Oil or Rosehip Oil.

The bottle I use is 50ml, but you need very little, so I either decant the oil into a smaller travel bottle or use samples. Prior to my last trip, I went to my local Health Food Store to buy a new bottle. They had run out and the lady kindly offered me all the samples for free. So I had tiny ampules of Jojoba oil to use. They were perfect.

Not only do I use the oil as a moisturiser, but I also use it as a cleanser. It is also lovely to use on dry hands, especially after the drying effect flying can have on your skin.

I love Jojoba Oil, which is not really an oil but a liquid wax which I have read closely resembles the sebum in our skin. It leaves my skin feeling silky.

I am currently using this Rosehip oil and I find that they both feel the same on my skin. I wanted to try a couple of products to see if there was any difference. The Rosehip oil is cheaper.

And to those of you who think using an oil on your skin will make it oilier, no it doesn’t. In fact, it’s the best moisturiser I have used, and my skin has never felt better. Some people do you use it in conjunction with other products/oils so please read the instructions carefully before using.


Multi-Purpose Uses

I use Jojoba and Rosehip Oil for my hands as well as my face, and for any dry spots eg elbows and knees.


My travel essentials are not only convenient for carry on and all the products are natural. #healthyliving #traveltoiletries #toiletries #travelessentials #naturalproducts


Deodorant Paste

I recently changed products. Even though I loved my last deodorant paste, Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste, I absolutely love this new one. I didn’t think it could get any better than Black Chicken but I was wrong.

No Pong really is fantastic, cost-effective and comes in a small tin as opposed to a plastic container, which I prefer.

No Pong comes in original and also bicarb free, for sensitive skin. It really is no pong. I was sceptical but it does work. I am at that stage in my life where hot flushes are a common occurrence and I felt I needed industrial strength deodorant. But with a small pea size smudge under each arm, I am good to go for the day.

It works better than any commercial product I have ever used.

I always had to carry a commercial deodorant with me and reapply during the day, but not with this paste. It comes in a handy travel size tin that fits into my liquids bag. My carry on liquids bag is actually my entire toiletries/makeup bag.


My travel essentials are not only convenient for carry on and all the products are natural. #healthyliving #traveltoiletries #toiletries #travelessentials #naturalproducts


Dental Hygiene

What I use will cause some of you to stop.

I don’t use commercial toothpaste anymore. I use baking soda (bicarb soda) and Peppermint Oil. I don’t want to debate this with anyone; it is a personal choice that I am extremely happy with, and my teeth have never been cleaner.

If you want to know more about this, there are an enormous amount of articles on the internet you can read. All I want to say is that if you want an alternative to commercial toothpaste, there are a lot out there.

The baking soda (bicarb soda) and Peppermint Oil is my choice, my partner uses one from the health food store that he swears by.

My Dental Hygiene Kit includes:

  • One small jar of Baking Soda
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Dental Floss

If you can’t get your head around baking soda (bicarb soda) then here is an alternative you could use. I haven’t personally used this one on occasion and liked it.


Multi-Purpose Uses

Baking soda is brilliant for an upset stomach and indigestion. Simply stir one teaspoon into a glass of water and drink.

Peppermint Oil is great for an upset stomach as well. Simply add 1-2 drops in a glass of water and drink, or rub on your stomach.

A Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil Blend are great massaged on your temples if you have a headache.

Peppermint Oil is cooling, so great to rub on temples or at the back of your neck if you have a hot flush or if the weather is warm.

Peppermint Oil is a good breath freshener. I carry it in my bag and just put a drop in my mouth when I need to. It is strong and takes a bit of getting used to, but I prefer this to a sweet mint or commercial breath freshener.

Note: Please check with your health professional before using any of the products mentioned

Shampoo & Conditioner

I have recently started using a locally made shampoo bar and love it. Made by Soaps by Heather, if you are in the Blue Mountains you can find them at a variety of places.

I didn’t know what to expect and am extremely happy. I still need to use a conditioner every now and then but my hair is very straight and extremely fine so you would need to try it out and see how it works on your hair.

The bars are not expensive to purchase so you have nothing to lose by trying it. I cut the bar in half and store it in a tin that I already had for easy storage.

Ethique makes shampoo and conditioner bars so I will be buying and trying the conditioner bar before my next trip.


My travel essentials are not only convenient for carry on and all the products are natural. #healthyliving #traveltoiletries #toiletries #travelessentials #naturalproducts



I use Lemon or Citrus Blend Essential Oils.

I found that perfume was making me sneeze. Some made my eyes water, and others gave me a headache. I also find it overpowering for some people, particularly if in a confined space like an aeroplane, so I made the decision not to wear perfume anymore.

I do however love the fresh fragrance of citrus, so I dab on Lemon Essential Oil or my Citrus Blend Essential Oil on my pulse points for a fresh scent.

You can buy small spray bottles perfect for in your liquids bag, which you can use to mix your favourite blend of Essential Oils with water and use as a spray perfume.

You can also get small glass bottles perfect for creating your favourite blend to take travelling with you. Take a look at AromaTools.


Multi-Purpose Uses

Citrus is energising so having the scent in my room can help with jet lag and tiredness. Above all, I just love its fresh, citrusy scent.

For those of you comfortable with ingesting Essential Oils, one drop of Lemon Oil in a glass of water each morning can do wonders for your digestion.

Please consult a health professional before trying this. 


Healthy Products to use in a Travel First Aid Kit that also has multiple uses. Small, versatile and easy to pack. You too may love these healthy alternatives to mainstream products. We have created a series on Healthy Travel Products. You too may love these healthy alternatives to mainstream products. We have created a series on Healthy Travel Products


Lip Balm

I am going to sound like a Dr Bronner convert.  Well, I guess I am! But my favourite lip balm at the moment is Dr Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm, and you guessed it, I love the Lemon Lime. Rocking that citrus!

I also love Hurraw! Lip Balm and alternate between the two. I have the Hurraw Black Cherry scent which has a slight tint. It is vegan and cruelty-free, just a couple of more reasons to love it.

A good lip balm is essential on all long-haul flights. You know how dehydrating flights can be.

I remember when I was 10, we flew from Australia to Holland. Back then that would have been over 30 hours of flying. And I had apparently become dehydrated because for the next week I battled cracked lips. They were so painful. And as an adult, I have always remembered that so I keep up the water intake and regularly apply lip balm when I fly.

I also use it daily, I am not a huge fan of lipstick, and if I do wear it, I tend to favour nude colours anyway.


My travel essentials are not only convenient for carry on and all the products are natural. #healthyliving #traveltoiletries #toiletries #travelessentials #naturalproductsHealthy Products that are essential for Travel that also have multiple uses. Small, versatile and easy to pack. You too may love these healthy alternatives to mainstream products. We have created a series on Healthy Travel Products.


Essential Oils

A note about Essential Oils. There is a huge variety on the market, but it is important only to buy a good quality 100% Essential Oil. Don’t be tempted to buy cheaper brands. Yes, the good ones can cost a lot of money, but they are worth it. And unless you are buying good quality you won’t get the benefits from them. Then they will just be a pleasant scent.

Find a brand you trust. I have used a few brands including Thursday Plantation and dōTERRA. In the future, all my Essential Oils will be dōTERRA as I love them.

For those of you who are interested in information about the Essential Oils in this article, you can get it here.



Sourcing Products

I have mentioned quite a few different products in this article. Some like Baking (Bicarb) Soda is cheaply bought from the supermarket, but you should source a good one that is aluminium free. I buy mine at our local Food Co-op.

I have mentioned my preferred supplier of Essential Oils above, and I purchase those from my friend Elisha from Empowered Essentials.

I find some of the products in my local health food store, but all of the other products (plus so much more) can be found at Nourished Life, an award-winning organic product business that I highly recommend.

As I mentioned before these products can be expensive to buy initially, but keep in mind they are made from quality ingredients, AND they last a really long time!

I purchase the large bottle of the Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap (437 ml) and use it for hand wash and body wash. It lasts for five months! With quality ingredients, a little goes a long way.

I would love to hear what your recommendations are and why you love them. My primary focus is to use fewer chemicals on and in my body and to use natural products.


Cindy x

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Find out what healthy products are included in my essential travel items #healthyliving #traveltoiletries #toiletries #travelessentials #naturalproducts


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