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My business is travel.  And I am often asked where I am off to next.  But with family and business committments exploring the world isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s OK.  I have my favourite places that I love to visit and I will get back when I can and I also  have a long list of new places but for now I am just as happy exploring my own backyard – My Place.

There are so many reasons people don’t travel, and money is usually a big reason. But that shouldn’t mean you should miss out. It is often said that the world is bigger than our own backyard but sometimes we forget to look.


Something Special

Every place has something special and sometimes all it takes is a little practice at seeing the world around us, to opening our eyes to the everyday.

Each week I am going to post a video of somewhere special I have been that week.  Special doesn’t have to mean significant, or famous or anything for that matter but it will always be a place that makes me happy. Maybe it’s the people I have visited, or the beautiful view, or the delicious glass of wine I am tasting. It could be a myriad of different reasons. It is very important to me to live life as fully as I can and by seeing, appreciating and experiencing everyday things with more awareness I can do this.

I am a creature of habit and routine so when I find something I love I tend to go back time and time again.  And that’s fine.  That’s what builds relationships but it does take a conscience effort to explore new areas.  And that’s a habit worth developing.


Moment in Time

What makes a moment in time significant for you?  Is it the place, the people, the taste?  What puts a smile of your face and makes you think, “Wow, what a great day I’ve had?” What makes an experience special for you?

Of course there is no right answer because everyone is different.

These are a few of the things I love

  • a moment in time when you have made a connection with someone
  • a great conversation
  • a beautiful scene
  • a delicious plate of food
  • a shared experience
  • a day when everything works and everyone gets on
  • exploring a totally different area – shops, cafes, the works
  • a picnic with food foraged at the local markets.

I could go on and on.

I wasn’t always like that.  I missed a lot of what was in front of me and my mind was closed.  What a shame.  I thought significant moments in my life should be things, I depended on others to be a part of them and even make them, I expected a lot and received very little.  It was very liberating to rid myself of those pesky expectations.

Sometimes we can get so caught up with the day to day we forget what’s around us. And when we do get some free time we tend to do the same things, or nothing at all.


A Favour

What I would love from you is some help.  Every week when I post the My Place video on Facebook I would love for you to either like and comment or post a picture or your own video in the comments section and share some of your place in the world.  Share the places you love most, or new ones you have found.

And combined, our world’s will become even bigger.

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