Pack Light & Travel like a Pro

Packing light means freedom!

Master the art of packing light. Travel is so much better when you’re not lugging a huge suitcase. No more sore backs, no more worry about busy airports or train stations. Not to mention how much safer you will be.

I never thought I could do it. The thought was incomprehensible for an over-packer like me.

But I did, and so can you.

My last trip was for three weeks to Italy in Autumn and Winter packing carry-on luggage only!

I will show you the clothes, the bag and the techniques I used to make it happen. I can safely say I will never over pack again.

We will talk about suitcase versus backpack, hard-shell suitcase versus soft-sided, tote versus crossbody bag and so much more.

I will teach you the tools I use to create a packing wardrobe, do a live packing demonstration of everything you need including shoes, toiletries and accessories.

What do you say? Are you fed up with overpacking?

The Workshop includes:

  • Why you should Pack Light
  • How to Create a Travel Wardrobe
  • Types of Luggage and Packing Accessories
  • Packing Demonstration
  • Being Safe when Travelling
  • Streamlining those Bulky Toiletries
  • Delicious Morning Tea


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