Travel Planning is an essential part of a great trip

On this page, you will find Essential Travel Planning Tools & Resources to plan your ultimate trip  

Planning your itinerary can be overwhelming.

My trip to USA and Europe with a family of 4 for 2 1/2 months, it took me three years to plan. Three years! 

Let me help you plan your own itinerary and find your dream destination (and not take three years!)

"While searching online, I came across Travel Charm.  The Itineraries are wonderful.  I am looking forward to the trip with the itineraries as my guide.  I highly recommend"

Karan P


Want to travel but no one to go with? Check out our current Group Trips. Small and personal, like travelling with friends.

Having trouble finding the time to plan your next trip? I have the solution!

Time is scarce for most people. If you fall into that category, then planning a trip yourself might seem impossible.

BUT, you still want to plan it yourself. What if I said you get to input all your ideas, exactly as you want them and you get your dream itinerary without doing a thing?


Learn how to create the life of your dreams or Plan your Ultimate Trip.


You can save SO MUCH MONEY by planning travel yourself.

Let's blow the lid off conventional travel planning and find out how to stretch your travel dollars further.

You can travel for less than you think.


Join the free community of travellers sharing recommendations, support, advice on travel planning and feedback! 

Share your passion for travel.


Fear and Anxiety holding you back fro your travel dreams? Let's work on that.

I find there are usually three main reasons people put off travel, even though it is there dream to do so.

FEAR - fear of the unknown can hold us back. For those with anxiety that fear is increased to levels that can be unimaginable.

OVERWHELM - people just don't know where to start when planning their travel, or in fact, deciding where they want to travel.

MONEY - having no spare money is a bit of a barrier and not realising that travel is more affordable than they realise.