Let fear go and chase those travel dreams!

Is fear holding you back from travelling?

It can be done!

For some people with anxiety, travelling, or even the thought of it can be crippling.

Here are tools and techniques that I use that allowed me to reduce my fear and travel.

Because let’s admit it, fear will never be fully gone, but we can learn to deal with it. 

Travel Planning is the Key!

Is anxiety stopping you from travelling?

It stopped me. For a long time. Until I learnt how to plan out my travel.

Time - allow yourself time. Time to prepare, time in your travel schedule, time to breath and relax and be flexible with your plans

Preparation - Do the research, gain knowledge about your destination. Knowledge is power and will give you confidence.

Over Planning - Who cares if you over plan? Be as prepared as you need to be to feel confident. You can always change your plans once you have arrived. The important thing is to feel as in control as you can.

You can find more on Travel Planning here. Everything I use and talk about in Travel Planning has been developed so I could overcome anxiety and finally get on that plane!

Changing your Mindset

Travel isn't just for those that are lucky? Did you know we create our own luck?

You can turn your dreams into reality if you just believe in them. It's true. I know because it has happened to me many, many times. And continues to happen.

I know it sounds crazy, but it really isn't. For so long I yearned for a different life, better things, travel and love.

But what I didn't realise was I was always sabotaging it with my mindset.

The little voice in my head that would always follow a daydream - Good things never happen to me. And guess what? They didn't.

The day I learned to turn off that voice, was the day life changed. Of course, it's an ongoing process but it works.

Do you constantly find yourself saying any of these:

Aren't you lucky?

I wish I could (travel, move, buy a house, retire...)

One day...

They must be rich.

I can't because ...

Maybe it's time to change the tune, and start playing a more positive one. You have one life to live and you are in control. 


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