Are You Reading the Right Blog Posts?

I have been researching Iceland for my next trip. There is one thing that seems to be an abundance of, and that’s young travel bloggers. And that is awesome. It’s fantastic that this generation is living the lives they choose, working and travelling the world, and not living the drudgery of 9 – 5, mortgage and debt. I admire them.

Finding my passion for my business came later for me than most, and it has been a massive learning curve both in business and life. Particularly in trying to undo all the beliefs that have been instilled in me, the box that society places you in, the “rules” you should follow as a parent, a partner, a member of the community.

The work/life/travel balance is something I am trying to achieve. To have the freedom to choose. I love being in business, and I love travelling so why not?

There are so many choices now; I love that!.Well, there probably always was, but it seems more prevalent now that people are taking the opportunity to really live life. Technology indeed allows us to be more connected than we ever were from anywhere in the world.

So, what’s my gripe? Well, It’s not a gripe so much as a bit of a frustration.


You should be able to relate to the person writing the blog posts you are reading. Can you relate to them and their travel style?


Travel Planning

Travel planning has changed a lot in the last ten years. Although technology and I have had a bit of a love-hate relationship, and it has taken a while for me to embrace it. So it is possible that tools for travel planning existed, but I just didn’t know how to use them.

I can’t stop reading all the information I find online. I love reading blog articles because I am a huge fan of people’s stories. That is what I want the most when planning my next adventure. Authentic travel experiences.

I used to scour travel forums, reading the reviews on TripAdvisor to glean what people thought of a destination. I still do, sometimes. But now Pinterest has become the number one platform to start my planning. Articles that give me a feel for a place and what it has to offer, real travel stories. I can see all the pretty pictures I want in a Travel Agent’s brochure, but I want to “really” find out about a destination.


It’s all about Me

I am a 47-year-old woman with one grown daughter (21) and almost independent son (17), living with my partner, and two dogs.

I find it hard to relate to photos of gorgeous, bikini-clad young women walking into the [insert – ocean, river, pool]. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate their beauty and youth and I will admit there is some jealousy (oh alright a damn lot of jealousy going on!!). But they remind me of my daughter. And my youth!


You should be able to relate to the person writing the blog posts you are reading. Can you relate to them and their travel style?I wish!!


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I am loathed to drag out a pair of swimmers. Instead of taking a photo of myself tankini clad, I am wondering how the hell do I run from the change rooms to the pool without slipping on a wet surface and doing a big face plant into the water. Yes, I know by now I should own it, and there are times I can manage the positive body image, but other times not so much.

So maybe you can appreciate my dilemma when I am trying to find a blogger that I relate to. I appreciate there are women my age who have incredible, enviable figures. What I am trying to say is that as individuals, with different perspectives, needs and interests, we should find someone we can relate to.

I love a good glass (or two, oh alright three!) of wine and a good conversation (according to some there is A LOT of conversation coming from me after three wines!). I am an introvert who is most definitely not into the nightlife and bars (unless it’s in the corner having a deep and meaningful conversation), and don’t even get me started on crowds!

Getting to know locals, shop at supermarkets and frequent cafes are my priorities. I want to get out and see the sights, and yes I want to save money, but Airbnb is the way I want to go, not couch surfing or hostels. I love markets, food or flea markets preferred. It’s where I buy my best trinkets to take home.


You should be able to relate to the person writing the blog posts you are reading. Can you relate to them and their travel style?Couch surfing. No thanks!


Different Travel Styles

Do you like Slow Travel like me? Or fast-paced and see as much as you can in a short amount of time. Finding a blogger that is on the same page as you is imperative if you are going to follow their adventures.

I LOVE staying in Airbnb or private apartments where I have a chance to meet the owner. What better way to get to know about a different way of life and culture than interacting with the locals?

But someone else may prefer hostels. Or luxury hotels.

I am Australian. I am nervous about jumping in a car, in a cold and icy climate, and driving on the “other” side of the road, particularly in a car with manual transmission. But for some travel bloggers, that’s not a problem at all. I will need alternative options on how to get around.

Where I live is warm to hot in summer and mild in winter. I wouldn’t know the first thing about driving in those conditions.


You should be able to relate to the person writing the blog posts you are reading. Can you relate to them and their travel style?This could be me!

Hello! Where are you?

Calling anyone my age who is a Travel Blogger! Yes, I do know you exist I know quite a few of you. And how I appreciate you. But where are the rest?

Please take this article with a grain of salt. I know that the average age of a travel blogger is 21 – 35, but I would love to read an older person’s perspective.

I said OLDER! Not OLD.


What to do

My advice when looking on Pinterest, or wherever else you are doing your research, find a blogger that you can relate to. Maybe someone of similar age and life experiences, or someone with similar tastes and interests. Or someone who has the same travel style. There is no point reading awesome posts written by a solo traveller if you prefer organised tours.

Me personally, I want to get outside my comfort zone; I don’t have a problem with that at all. But one of the advantages of being older is you know your limits. You know what you like and what you don’t like. And you know there are just some things you are not going to do.

If you plan something that is not to your liking all you will do is stress and worry. And that’s no way to enjoy travelling.


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6 Things to do when planning your next trip

  • Find a Blogger you can relate to. They are gold, and you will always refer back to their articles. Subscribe to their newsletter so you will be kept up to date.


  • Head to a blogger’s bio or About page first. Can you relate to them? This is not to say their articles are not brilliant, so many are, but it may put things into perspective when you know who has written it.


  • Save any articles you love into Pocket. Set up a free account and create tags. I can lose hours on Pinterest, and this will help minimise the damage.


  • Keep a notebook handy when you are reading all those articles you saved in Pocket. Things can get confusing, and it’s always good to write down specific details.


  • Don’t be swayed by what others suggest. Yes, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Absolutely it is. But if you are reading about Couch Surfing written by someone who loves it, and you think it would be great to save a few dollars but are a hotel kind of person, then don’t. Know yourself well enough to know what you will and won’t do, no matter the savings.


  • Watch out for the “Must Do’s”. For example, Iceland has the Blue Lagoon touted by many as a “Must Do”. But others say it is touristy, expensive and locals do not go there. “But you have to go!”, people cry. I think not. I want to visit a country to learn about people, culture and experience the beauty of nature, not hang out with tourists. So, I guess I will be saving some money.


The most important thing to remember is to have FUN! Planning travel is exciting, and you should make the most of the experience. But make sure it is uniquely yours!


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Cindy x


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