The Blue Mountains Village of Blackheath

This post isn’t about the must-see places in the Blackheath village, it’s about my favourite places.

The places that have become part of our routine, where we visit regularly and places we share with visitors.

Blackheath’s community is full of interesting, diverse and generous people. The diversity of its people is one of the things we love most.

When we show visitors around Blackheath it’s more than popular tourist spots (although Govetts Leap at sunrise is a favourite of mine) but more about sharing what we love most about our home.

Blackheath has more to offer than a tourist stop on your way through the Blue Mountains. Take time to stroll around the village, interact with locals and enjoy a personal connection. #blackheath #bluemountainsvillage #australia #bluemountains

Perfect for a Girl’s Weekend

Last weekend I hosted three friends. Since moving here I have been a little disconnected, happy to explore and enjoy my new surroundings and create a new life. But, I have been an absent friend, not catching up or keeping in contact as much as I should.

I had been harbouring the idea of a girl’s weekend here since Christmas. And finally, it all came together. Dan went to his sister’s in Balmain and my friends came to stay.

It was a relaxed weekend catching a spectacular sunrise, a leisurely walk into the village, some shopping and a stop at my favourite coffee shop. Twice.

We managed to drag ourselves out of bed on the first morning to see the sunrise at Govetts Leap. It was freezing! But as always, magical.

More than a tourist stop, Blackheath has a wonderful community. Take time to stroll around the village, interact with locals and enjoy a personal experience. #blackheath #bluemountainsvillage #australia #bluemountains

More than a tourist stop, Blackheath has a wonderful community. Take time to stroll around the village, interact with locals and enjoy a personal experience. #blackheath #bluemountainsvillage #australia #bluemountains

It was nice to leave the car at home and walk into the village. It’s only 10 minutes!


Our first stop was at Twig. I was glad for the chance to finally go in and check it out. Its doors haven’t been open long, but Twig was a huge hit with my guests. I loved it too with quirky homewares, things to keep you warm in the cold weather like hats, scarves and wraps. It’s one of those shops you can spend a lot of time browsing.

Blackheath Community Op Shop

We headed across the railway line to the other side of Blackheath where I took them to the Blackheath Community Op Shop.

Dan and I love this place. But Dan has been warned. He gets carried away sometimes.

My friend Elida brews Turkish coffee and then reads the cups. It’s a delightful experience that I look forward to each time I see her. On the weekend she bought a container full of her coffee cups, coffee and pot. She said she wanted to create a small travel set so that whenever she hits the road she could just pick it up and go. And wouldn’t you know it, she found the perfect set of cups at the Op Shop.

She was happy, and now she can take her coffee readings on the road.

More than a tourist stop, Blackheath has a wonderful community. Take time to stroll around the village, interact with locals and enjoy a personal experience. #blackheath #bluemountainsvillage #australia #bluemountainsWhat a great find!

Blackheath Deli

Hunger was setting in by now so I had to take everyone to the Blackheath Deli for food and turmeric lattes which were a huge hit.

It’s no secret I love it here, it is our favourite café. Robin and Ray do a great job, their customer service is wonderful.

You can find Dan and me in there at least a couple times a week enjoying a late breakfast or a coffee. In fact, Jock, from Harmony at Home next door (another great store too) thinks that we are there all the time!

It’s not true; we do work sometimes.

Ravir Boutique

By then we were all ready for an afternoon nap! Getting up early, good food and crisp mountain air made us all tired. But before indulging, we had to duck into Ravir Boutique.

Ladies, if you are visiting in the cooler months and you have been caught by surprise by just how cold it can get here in the mountains, and you need to add a few items to your suitcase then I would highly recommend visiting Raelene at Ravir Boutique.

Blackheath Community Market

Sunday morning found us at the Blackheath Community Market held the first Sunday of every month at the Blackheath Public School.

It’s a lovely market where we buy our seedlings for our vegetable garden and stock up on local raw honey. There’s an eclectic mix of stalls which are fun to browse. The markets encourage sustainability, recycling and creative artisans. It has a lovely community vibe to it.

The steamed dumplings at one of the food stalls are a treat on a cold Sunday morning.

Logan Brae

After the market, we drove over to Shipley to get apples at Logan Brae Orchard. The girls didn’t know what to expect.

When Melinda walked out of the apple barn needing help carrying her box of mixed apples, apple pies, a bottle of apple juice and a cup of hot spiced apple juice I knew she was a fan. And that was before I led them out the back to the view.

The outlook is stunning and sitting on a bench, sipping hot spiced apple juice and catching up with my dear friends was one of the highlights of my weekend.

More than a tourist stop, Blackheath has a wonderful community. Take time to stroll around the village, interact with locals and enjoy a personal experience. #blackheath #bluemountainsvillage #australia #bluemountains

Experience the Village

I had written about Blackheath before not long after we moved here. But 12 months on, these places have become a constant in our lives. Some things have come and gone, and there are still places for us to try and explore, but I have never lived anywhere that offers me the constant joy, satisfaction and contentment that Blackheath does.

I didn’t want this post to sound like an advertisement for the shops in Blackheath. It’s more than that. If you are a visitor to Blackheath, I implore you to be more than just a tourist and understand, even just a little bit, of what makes Blackheath so great, which is the people.

For example, if you are staying in a house and self-catering, visit Bruce at the Blackheath Butchery. Bruce a great guy, generous and supportive. The quality of meat is outstanding, and you would not be disappointed stocking your freezer for your stay. And tell Bruce Cindy and Dan sent you.

Pop into see Maria at This Little Piggy and grab the makings of a seriously delicious cheeseboard. The food is amazing at this gorgeous gourmet deli.

Enjoy conversations; everyone loves to chat.

So, on your next visit to the mountains, come to Blackheath.

Maybe after reading this you might feel a little more connected to the people behind the coffee machines and counters, and share our love of Blackheath.

Cindy x


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