The Perfect Day Out

A beautiful day in the Blue Mountains on our Art Escape Tour

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. The weekend comes and we find ourselves thinking “What am I going to do today?”” What’s something special I can do, something different?” It’s easy to let the days, weeks, months and years slip by without really changing anything. Sometimes life simply feels the same all the time and it’s difficult to change it. What if I offered you the perfect day out?


The Perfect Day

You would have companionship, so if you’re on your own all the better, you can make new connections. You can indulge in something you love, or even better learn about something new. You get to explore beautiful places you may have already been to and have longed to return or places you have always wanted to see. And you get to indulge in the little luxuries in life that you normally wouldn’t do on your own. So basically you get to treat yourself to something totally indulgent and enjoyable just for you.


Art Escape Tours

Travel Charm recently hosted its first Art Escape Tour to the beautiful Blue Mountains with artist, Kathy Karas.

And it was the Perfect Day. We definitely got the formula right for this particular tour.

So what made this day particularly special?

We had beautiful weather.  The destinations were gorgeous, interesting and appealing. We got the recipe right with our timings. We finished the day with delicious cocktails in a stunning location. And of course, the most important ingredient – the group who joined us were wonderful travelling companions.


My favourite highlights of the day:

  • Seeing Norman Lindsay’s original artworks
  • Shopping in the lovely village of Leura
  • Interesting conversations about art and food
  • Everyone loving my cake – phew what a relief!
  • The Lost Bear Gallery
  • Elly winning the original Kathy Karas painting – she had said she would all day!
  • Cocktails at the gorgeous Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. Delicious.
A beautiful day in the Blue Mountains on our Art Escape Tour

Strangers become Friends

Some of the group knew each other, some didn’t. Not that that was an issue, they never stopped chatting.  I loved hearing their stories, their passions and hobbies.  New friendships were formed, new interests discovered and the day ended superbly with what started out as a bunch of acquaintances and strangers jumping on a bus to ending the day over cocktails with friends.

Yes I know you could look at the day and wonder “I could do this myself and not pay a thing?” But what value do you put on treating yourself, making new friends and discovering new passions. Let’s face it, we have our own ideas and views on things but when we get together with an interesting group of people isn’t it wonderful to hear different views and ideas? The thought of discovering something new you had never thought of before?

Discovering Art

Art was like that for me. I liked to draw as a child but I never really thought about art. No one I knew was interested. It had not been an influence in my life so I had not even thought about it. Until a number of years ago someone mentioned a friend of theirs went to art lessons and loved it. I was intrigued. Maybe I could learn to draw properly. Maybe it would be a lovely new hobby, drawing in a journal. But what did I really get from going to art lessons?

There are too many things to tell you but for starters I got –

  • New friends
  • An understanding of techniques, mediums and artists themselves
  • An appreciation of different art styles
  • A new way of looking at art and life – not to dismiss and judge
  • New skills, knowledge and passion
  • Confidence in myself and my abilities

We will definitely be doing more of these trips. It was such a success and such a joy to host. We will be going back to the Blue Mountains to explore more of the beautiful villages and galleries that it has to offer. We are going to be heading to Canberra, the Southern Highlands in New South Wales, and Sydney – for now.

Where else would you like to go?

Jump over to Travel Charm and take a look for your next day out – or overseas holiday.

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