It's Time to Travel

Planning travel can get overwhelming. Wouldn't it be great if someone could just take your ideas and create them into the PERFECT trip? Oh, wait! We can.

Building itineraries takes a huge amount of time. And who has that these days? Your itinerary should have destination information, where to stay, activities and anything else that will make your trip great. 

Kind of like this one - SAMPLE ITINERARY

45-minute Planning Consultation

This Consultation will provide you with:

Clarity, Advice and a Plan to move forward and you will receive my FREE Travel Planning Templates to help you organise your travel plans (on me so you can get started!)

The Perfect Package for those of you who want to plan your own trip (good for you!!) and need some clarity on your thoughts. Or who are totally lost on how to begin. I can get you sorted!

The 45-minute Consultation is for you if:

You are unsure whether your current travel plan is realistic and cost-effective?

You don't know how to make your plans flow.

You have no idea where you want to travel and need guidance.

You have no idea where or how to start planning your trip, but you want to do it yourself.

You just want help! Please!

AND if you decide to engage one of our other Travel Planning Services after this consultation, the 45-minute Consultation fee will be deducted.

Full Itinerary

We do all the work so you can have the best trip! 

Get it all! The Consultation, detailed Itinerary, Daily Schedule Planner, Accommodation Recommendations, Activity & Tour Recommendations, transport/transfer advice AND  Helpful Destination Information. 

Not sure if it's enough? You can see a full Sample Itinerary here.

The Full Itinerary is for you if:

You want to be in charge of your own trip but you just don't have the time to put it together.

You want options! Lots of options. 

Budget is important. You want to see what you can do, not be told what you can't do!

You have no idea where or how to start planning your trip.

You want flexibility!

You have no clarity and you want someone to help you plan things out.


This is the stuff people want to know. I get it. Before you hand over your hard earned cash you want to know what you're getting, right? AND why would we use Travel Charm?


I'm Cindy. I love to travel. In fact, I attribute travel to changing my life.

In the not too distant past, I was driven by fear, insecurities, anxiety, worry and low, low self-esteem.

In 2010 that all changed. 

And travel played a big part in that change.

Travel is everything! I travelled as a child (my parents are Dutch), I love the USA, and Europe is in my veins. To deal with my anxiety and fear I planned everything! Every detail, every contingency (at least the ones I could think of) and I found that I was good at it.

I have been planning trips ever since!

I have planned trips for my clients, for my travel groups both locally and overseas, for myself and for other business owners.

My partner, Dan and I have just moved to the stunning Blue Mountains area in Australia and absolutely love it. I mean, we REALLY love it!!! Every day is like a holiday.