Customised Itineraries

Let's get your trip organised

Custom built itineraries to your exact requirements

Planning a trip can be overwhelming and building an itinerary is not simple. It takes experience, organisation and a huge amount of time. Your itinerary will be completely customised to suit your needs and travel style.


Everything you need to know about my Travel Planning Packages


  • Book your initial consultation.
  • Your consultation is a 10-minute Discovery Session to create a Strategic Travel Plan suited for individual travel preferences.
  • We will determine which Travel Planning Package is most suitable for you.
  • Once I have the go-ahead from you, I will deliver your itinerary within 14 days.


  • 45- minute online Consultation, recorded, to discuss travel options and ideas, styles, budgets and anything else I can think of to provide you with the most extensive itinerary possible
  • Detailed Itinerary for one location
    • Complete Daily Schedule Planner
    • Accommodation recommendations
    • Tailored activity and tour recommendations
    • Transport/Transfer advice
    • Restaurant/dining and self-catering recommendations
  • Details and contact information for all recommended services for easy booking
  • Relevant and helpful destination information
  • Fee starts at $300 (for the exact price please contact me)

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  • To engage our services you will need to pay a 30% deposit.
  • You will be notified when your itinerary is finalised.
  • Upon receipt of the balance of final payment, you will receive your Itinerary Package.
  • You will have 14 days to make any revisions to your itinerary. Up to three itinerary changes are permitted, however, this does not include a change of destination.


You can take your itinerary and book it yourself or we can book it for you using our exclusive Booking Agent at no extra cost. There may be components of your itinerary that you will need to book yourself, but we will advise you all the way.

Cindy Dahiya

Disclaimer:  Please be aware that once you receive your itinerary, any changes you make, bookings or cancellations that you organise are not the responsibility of Travel Charm. We cannot be held accountable for any financial loss you may incur. We highly recommend you have Travel Insurance.  All information we provide in our itineraries is current and up to date to the best of our knowledge, however, we recommend you check all details of the itinerary prior to travel. Travel Charm cannot be held accountable for any detail within the itinerary and all travel plans are the sole responsibility of the traveller. Travel Charm’s itineraries are to be used as a guide to organising your travel.